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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

A glass of wine and cheers to a good life. But what happens when life ends?

It’s the ultimate question that is repeatedly asked by humanity. So Jaq and Andrew’s conversation delved into the afterlife and The Summerland.

The Summerland is an afterlife or non-physical reality that we enter after death, according to Wiccans and some modern pagans. Sometimes depicted as rolling green hills with an everlasting sun shining warmly down, it is a land of eternal summer.


Walk with Me 

In this song, the voice of Dutch vocal artist Ommieh acts as a spirit calling us all to walk on, into the next chapter, whatever that may be . . .


The Summerland – Part 1, The Journey

Series of eleven paintings, oil on board, 40 x 40cm

Through the eyes of the young and the old, we journey through the decades, marking our way through life until we reach our final destination.


Music: Vocal- Ommieh Art: 
Art: Models - Eden Harper, Ava Bayford, Ava Wels, Sophie Grantford, Yangyang Jiang, Kirstene Ayers, Susan Tselepis, Phil Smith, Rod hardy, Tony Gould, Renate Mueler
Video: Co-created with Sophie Grantford
Model – Stephanie Zavrou
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