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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

How does humanity exist within the city construct of modern-day?

Sometimes you’re alone in a crowd, sometimes there’s a lack of privacy, and sometimes, you belong to something larger than yourself.


‘And There I Was’

Oil on Canvas (58 x 50cm)

Find your own rhythm amongst the noise of the city, find your place in the sights and sounds.

‘Streetlights and Lost Souls‘

Oil on Canvas (58 x 46cm)

Flickering streetlights stand sentinel over a lonely streetscape at night, home only to the homeless.

‘The Union’

Oil on Canvas (58 x 50cm)

The rhythm of the city, the racing of the trains, the tramping of the commuter army, the heartbeats of a million people.

​Credits: Allotropy String Quartet. Recorded & mixed by Steve Vertigan, Soggy Dog Recording Studios
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