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ANJAQ – a collaboration between artist Jaq Grantford and composer Andrew Batterham.


Andrew Batterham is an awarded composer, active across many fields of music. His music has been performed, recorded, and broadcast around the world by artists ranging from jazz legend James Morrison to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Andrew’s music blends Classical with modern EDM and dance, live concerti with funk and minimalism, and songwriting with electronica.

He is published in Australia, the USA, and Europe, and his recordings can be found on Warner, Cala Records (UK), Potenza Records (USA), Tall Poppies and Move Records. He has worked in film and TV, community music, live bands, and the concert hall.




Jaq Grantford works largely in the style of Contemporary Figurative Realism. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, winning many awards, including the Kennedy Art Prize. Her work is held in the National Gallery of Victoria, the MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) and many other collections.
She has had a love of art for all her life and a particular fascination with portraits and personalities.

Her work was part of the first ever auction of Contemporary Realism at Sotheby’s New York. And this same work will be etched onto nanofiche and part of a time capsule of art, music and literature to go to the moon on a lunar lander. The Lunar Codex, which is including the work of 3,000 creatives, will be the first significant placement of contemporary arts on the Moon in 50 years.


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