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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

Sometimes it’s difficult to see elements of sexism when they happen – it’s subliminal, and these behaviours have often been normalised. And, of course, there are many times when sexism, racism, or any type of ‘ism’ is glaringly apparent. Jaq and Andrew spent many brainstorming sessions discussing this, and it was inevitable that it would be part of the conversation.


Turner: a ship’s bell signals the crashing of the waves and the distant call of a siren. Depictions of nature and the sea.     Album track 4: Oceans and Sirens

Warhol: producing his most famous work in the swinging ‘60s, living in the moment, thumbing his nose at the world of the Cold War     Album track 2: Defcon One


Oil on Canvas, A septych, 4 metres in total, Height of individual paintings is 55cm

This work is in honour of all the forgotten and forbidden women throughout the ages. It speaks of the sadness that I feel for the lost talent and incredible art created by women that we have never seen. How different would the history books look if women had been given a voice? And how do the history books impact young girls today? The portrait is also a celebration of women artists now and the amazing talent and force they represent in the art world (at least in some parts of the world).

The famous artists painted as a woman are: Leonardo, Rembrandt, Turner, Courbet, Magritte, Dali and Warhol.


The art: artistic assistance - Sophie Grantford
The music: solo guitar – David Bathgate, co-producer – Lachlan Batterham
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