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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

An artist and a musician sit down, a glass of vino in hand. And from here, a conversation starts.

Andrew and Jaq begin by discussing how society creates constructs and labels by which people are expected to live. And none have been at the mercy of this more than women.

Throughout history, there have been so many unspoken societal demands where women have been expected to behave in a certain way, dress in a certain way, speak in a certain way…to be ‘ladylike.


Album track 5: Ladylike

When the Renaissance is interrupted by a lead guitar and EDM



Oil on canvas, 180 x 120cm

Let’s celebrate a woman’s right to let loose with some expletives when needed.


The art: seamstress and model - Danni Grantford, lighting - Sophie Grantford
The music: solo guitar - David Bathgate
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