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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

How is life for young people different to when Jaq and Andrew were young?

Throughout Andrew and Jaq’s discussion, a recurring theme was the rise in mental health issues.

It’s an illness that now affects most people either directly or indirectly. The problem is easy to see; the answer is not always so clear.  How do you dance in the dark and somehow bring about light?


Album track 7: Pentridge lullaby

Bleak vista of prison sounds – the police, doors slamming and yelling in the night. Finally, a lullaby, like a shaft of sunlight, promises of release to the outside one day.


Pentridge Lullaby – The Dance

Watercolour on Arches Paper, 54 x 38cm on A1 paper

The background of this painting is Pentridge, the old jail in Melbourne. It’s currently shut to the public, but in its time was a place of darkness, housing criminals of some horrendous crimes – an emotional and dark space.

Around the border, on the mat board of the frame, is graffiti based on the scrawls, drawings and scribbles found in the jail.

Credits: model - Molly Harrison
And thanks to Lee-Anne Harrison for enabling the visit to Pentridge, the backdrop for this artwork, just before it was shut to the public.
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