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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

It was natural that the conversation would move towards a comparison of creative processes. How is music different from visual art in its processes?

And what is the creative process?

Is creativity unique to humans and part of what marks our humanity?


There is no specific music with this artwork. But rather, all of the music within this exhibition is the embodiment of the portrait.


Oil on Canvas, 130 x 103cm

For Andrew, music is something within him and is as inevitable as breathing. His creative process is innate to his being.

When Jaq painted Andrew, she wanted to show how the essence of Andrew’s being is driven by music and the need to listen, perform and create.

And one of the most interesting things about creativity is that it’s so different for all artists but with one thing in common – a need for an understanding within that we haven’t quite worked out yet.


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