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THE CONVERSATION – Where the art and music began

In a world where uncertainty pervades with climate change, a pandemic, and worldwide unrest, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to hold onto a sense of humanity. There is a growing disconnect between the harsh reality of the news and the consumerist society in which we live. Next to a news article about deaths in unprecedented floods will be an article about the latest fashion and celebrity news.

And so, the conversation between Andrew and Jaq turned toward mental health and the challenges that face people these days. How can people cope with these challenges so we can continue to grow as a healthy society?


Album track 7: Pentridge lullaby

Bleak vista of prison sounds – the police, doors slamming and yelling in the night. Finally, a lullaby, like a shaft of sunlight, promises of release to the outside one day


Pentridge Lullaby – Transformation

Oil on Canvas, 65 x 44cm each canvas

On a prison background, the dancer seeks to transform and grow, bursting from a mantle that hides her. She seeks to move away from a cloak of darkness to burst free.

Credits: Model - Molly Harrison
And thanks to Lee-Anne Harrison for enabling the visit to Pentridge, the backdrop for this artwork, just before it was shut to the public.
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